It’s a heavy, rainy day out there. I believe that autumn arrived yesterday. The sun was not strong enough any longer to warm my face through the cold wind. And cold wind blowing. Only the evening before was beautifully calm and soothing, you could have almost think this summer won’t end at all. But the winds on islands change quickly.

Kökar – where I’ve been living for two and a half weeks now – is a small island municipality and part of the Åland archipelago, an autonomous region of Finland (de talar svenska här). I am not really familiar with all the details – I not even could figure out the names of the three main, connected islands they just call “Kökar”. They not seem to have any. Is that even possible? I’ll come up with fresh information one day, and if there’s none, I’ll name these islands myself.

I’m here as an artist, participating in an Artist in Residence program. I’ve a little sweet apartment and a studio with views on the bay, to the South-West and North-West – beautiful lights all day long, and I’ll always know if it’s really worth it to go out to see the sunset from the open sea shore (actually I went out for almost every sunset so far, the sea is only around the corner.. eeh, obviously).

Now I didn’t tell any story about my last year’s Norwegian lighthouse adventure yet, but a fun fact in advance: For me it was at least as hard to get here than up to the Arctic. Which seems really ridiculous when you have a look at the map. After 25 hours of travels and losing almost all of my courage I got welcomed and propitiated with the pinkest evening I ever saw. I’m leaving you with pictures of this beautiful night for now.

I’d like to show you much more of the spectacular nordic colours and things from the island soon after I’m coming back from a short interruption back in civilization. Ohoi!

the pinkest cloud in front of the bluest sky relected by the sea

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